Savant Rex Lewis-Clack

His piano teacher, David Mehnert, is teaching him a piece, a Schubert Impromptu, and he’s hearing it now for the first time.  Right after, he’s able to play the piece, but he isn’t reading music. He can’t even see the keys. Rex is a musical savant, one of a handful of people in the world … Read more

Costa Rican Stone Spheres

taller than me! There have been hundreds found and what’s more interesting is that they are also up a hill on an island nearby. And some weigh several tons! Just how did they do that? The most common explanation seems to be that they were made by natural forces from rocks being tumbled in the … Read more

Darwin’s Mistake

Could Darwin have possibly made a mistake? Impossible you say? If Darwin had known about the evidence found in Dr. Hans J. Zillmer book Darwin’s Mistake, would Charles Darwin have renounced his position and re-joined the ranks of Creationists? See why author Dr. Hans J. Zillmer’s case is so compelling. Read about dinosaurs and other … Read more

Giant Human Footprints in Stone?

either modern man is much older than we have thought or that our dating techniques are faulty. Either way, there is a big problem for scientists. So, “interpretation” of evidence is an important tool that often comes to their rescue. This is not the first set of prints that have attempted to shake up the … Read more

When Cattle Doesn’t Mean a Cow

If one looks up the word ‘cattle’ in the Strong’s they will find that many Hebrew words are translated into the English word cattle depending on the context. One word for cattle is miqneh which means acquired livestock. Another word rendered cattle in English is baqar, which is the most likely animal that really is … Read more