Looking at Noah’s Wood Work

Have you ever gazed at an object and the very thought of it’s significance moved you to tears? The owner of an alleged piece of Noah’s Ark wood does every time she begins to think of the history of what she hold in her hands. This last October while in Washington DC with Elfred Lee we met a woman Patricia Howell and her husband Peter. Patricia had brought photos of Mount Ararat and something very special she wanted Elfred to examine. In her possession was a sliver of wood from Noah’s ark according to the man who gave it to her. My wife and I were examining it and photographing when Elfred caught sight of it. He said this piece looked like the wood he took down from his 1969 expedition. During that expedition Elfred Lee, Fernand Navarra and a team of people found more of the same wood Navarra had found on a previous expedition in 1955.

The wood I held was dark brown. It was a piece about 5” in length and about ¼” at its widest point. The grain was unlike common wood and it did not seem petrified. It was fibrous and stringy in its make up. Pat explained that it came from a man who had been on several Ark expeditions. When they met, they were both working for a humanitarian relief organization called ADRA. They soon discovered they both had an incredible interest in Noah’s Ark. He, recognizing the intensity of Patricia’s interest in the subject, sent her a sample of the wood in 2000. She has treasured it since, rarely taking it out of storage unless the person has a similar passion. Our gallery has a couple of pictures of this wood and a special, in depth interview with this man is slated for January 2005. Stay tuned for more on this piece of our ancient history.

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