Attention Bird Lovers

Attention Bird Lovers

An anomaly is anything that is a deviation from the normal. We all stop and stare if just for a moment at the strange, unusual and rare. The irregular characteristics of man, animal or structures are the subjects of a series of books by William Corliss that we will be releasing over the next 9 weeks. Though not a creationist, he is not afraid to challenge the evolutionary system when the information makes it necessary. Thus the books are objective, making them user-friendly to creationists as well as your open-minded evolutionists. The first in the series is titled Biological Anomalies: Birds.
Let me give you a taste of what this books holds:

· Owls have two ears. One lower than the other so they can pinpoint their prey better at night.

· Female Hawks can be as much as 50% bigger than males, why?

· The feather is an engineering marvel whose design is considered perfect. Did evolution engineer this incredible flying tool?

· Is it even credible to say that running lizards grew feathered arms, chased insects and thus became the birds that today fly?

· The egg, a self-contained living environment, weak enough to hatch, strong enough for a parent to sit on and eggs breathe! Truly a Wonder of Reality.

· Cockatoos lay their eggs in nests of other bird species. They make their eggs resemble the other species both in color, markings and size!

· Crows have been known to place hard to crack nuts in front of on coming traffic to do their work.

· Migration: If the benefits of warm weather and good food are enough to motivate a bird to fly thousands of miles twice a year then why do 95% of all birds stay put?

· Finally, it has been observed among scientists that there is a complete absence of transitional forms of feathers in the fossil record. Could that mean that birds were created by design?

These examples are just a morsel of birdseed that one can munch on through the course of this 486-page hardbound scientific Ripley’s Believe It or Not type book. To learn how you can receive a copy Click here. Oh and please keep watch, next week we will bring out Anomalous Mammals.

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