Did Dinosaurs and Man “EVER” Co-Exist?

Did Dinosaurs and Man “EVER” Co-Exist?

Have humans and dinosaurs coexisted in time past? Is there any hard evidence to prove it? Bibleland Studios has acquired a series of photographs that would turn the scientific community upside down…if true. Is this the discovery of the century or a fraud of classic design?

This series of photos were taken of an alleged anomalous fossil located in Northwest corner of the United States. The startling nature of the fossil will certainly be cause for conversation while downing eggnog this season for the implications are of epic proportions. What you will see in a few days is a fossil of a Man being eaten by a Dinosaur! When we first gazed upon the pictures ourselves we could hardly believe what we were seeing. Being the skeptics that we are, we investigated and are now going to tell you the whole story.

This fantastic story will be presented in 2 parts:

Part I: On December 24th at 9:00am EST., we will present the amazing Dinosaur Swallowing a Man photos right here on our home page for ALL to see.

Part II: On January 1st 2005 at precisely 5:00PM EST. we will reveal what we found in our investigation, which includes additional photographs and documentation.

Looking forward to the BIG reveal.

J. Adolfi

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