Dinosaur Swallows Human?

Dinosaur Swallows Human?

The significance of a man and dinosaur fossil

Think about this for a moment, if evolution were true and the dating systems that they are using are correct, then the Earth is 4.65 billions years old, dinosaurs lived 200 million years ago and they died off 65 million years ago. Evolutionists tell us that a humanoid version of modern man began to exist around 5 million years ago. So the dinosaurs and humans were separated by 60 million years! Do the math. According to their theory it is impossible for a human/dino fossil to even exist.

Here is another way to consider the same evidence. Some creationists believe ALL life on earth was created 6000 years ago and the fossil record is a result of the Flood some 4500 years ago. If this is true then this type of fossil could be true. It would mean humans and dinosaurs lived together at the same time. If this were true then evolution, like a house of cards, would immediately meet certain doom. Current dating methods would need to be re-evaluated, National Geographic and the Smithsonian would have to do some backpedaling and the history and science books of the world would need to be rewritten.

Where do we go from here?

This story has a very interesting ending and on January 1st 2005 at 5PM EST. we will release the rest of the story. The Conclusion to our story contains further investigation and evaluation of this fossil, with additional information we uncovered and our conclusions, which include more photos proving the artifact’s condition. To receive The Concluding Report, subscribe to our newsletter – its Free. For on Jan 1st at exactly 5 pm EST those registered, as a subscriber will receive their own electronic package of truth. We promise you one thing. You will know the truth about this artifact.

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