Final Chapter – Dinosaur Fossil Hoax Embarrasses Creationists

As president of Bibleland Studios I want the Evolutionists to know that you have been heard; I’ve read your objections. You are tired of our lame overuse of the usual “dust on the moon” arguments to explain a Young Earth model. You have asked, no screamed for better proof than that. You want hard evidence? Read on.

Bibleland Studios has an announcement. Commencement of a worldwide hunt for artifacts substantiating the Biblical account of creation begins today. In the next few days we will be rolling out a plan to find our “missing links.” As we search out REAL artifacts substantiating creationism, my challenge to the Evolutionists is to continue to hunt for your “missing link(s)”. Let’s show who is right once and for all. I ask you, will finding a 500-foot 5,000-year-old ship atop a mountain do it? How about a real dinosaur swallowing a human fossil? What about a 4000-year-old 12-foot human skeleton with a calculator in his hand? Let’s get to work. I will need everyone’s help. In the next 2 weeks, two programs will be introduced. Stay tuned for more details and may the best “truth” win.

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