Fossil Facts & Fantasies

Fossil Facts & Fantasies

Another interesting picture Taylor has is of the ZERBST Trackway.

During the F.A.C.T. dig of ’96, local rancher removed a layer of sand stone and uncovered one of the single most amazing track ways ever found.

In an area about fifty feet by ten feet, there were many tracks. One is of a very large three-toed track like hadrosaur. In two places, large dinosaurs had slipped in the mud. In one it appears that the dinosaur’s front feet slid under it back feet and then the animal fell on its left hip, cracking the sandy mud and leaving a clear skin impression in the mud! The impressions are like the skin texture of the mummified hadrosaur at the New York Museum of Natural History, which, incidentally, was excavated from this same ranch about the turn of the century. Not far away another large animal appears to have slid its front legs between its back legs. Did an earthquake shock cause them to fall?

These are just some of the fascinating things you will find in this book.

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