Bibleland Studios rolls out Rewards Program

Bibleland Studios rolls out Rewards Program

Welcome, friends, to the Bibleland Rewards Program.

Over the next several days and the upcoming months Bibleland Studios will be offering rewards for specific artifacts we feel supports a creation model.

Our first candidate is Pedro The Mountain Mummy. Is he real? What is his deal? Found in 1932 lost in 1950 and he could be worth as much as $10,000 for his recovery. And if you happen to find one of the reported five original x-rays of Pedro, it could be worth as much as $1,000. Click on the REWARD button or the Reward Poster and you will find the whole sad story about poor Pedro, his incredible pictures and the terms and conditions for his recovery.

Meanwhile try to find Pedro in our store. He is in the form of an icon cleverly hid among our inventory. The first 3 people to find Pedro in our store and e-mail us his location at will win a gift certificate to our store, $20 for 1st place $10 for 2nd and $5 for 3rd. Look very carefully, as he might be small and well hidden or large and in plain site.

The Rewards Program! What are you waiting for? Adventure and opportunity are knocking at your door.

Post Script: See all the latest updates regarding Perdo’s recovery in the Forum.

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