Bibleland Studios Presents: The Lost Cities Series

Bibleland Studios Presents: The Lost Cities Series

We are excited to announce a series of books by world explorer David Hatcher Childress. In an attempt to find the best resources to help piece together the fragments of our ancient past, we introduce 7 new books in our store for your consideration.

While Mr. Childress is an evolutionist whose philosophy on origins obviously differs from our creationist worldview, his flavor of evolution might be a new thought for many. Childress believes that modern man goes back not tens of thousands of years but millions of years, much further than what typical modern day archeologists and anthropologists believe. Why is this important? Well as an evolutionist he does not ignore the one category of evidence most traditional scientists ignore – Ooparts (out of place artifacts). Ooparts hint of an ancient technological advanced race. Finding a human object in a vein of coal, for example, would not fit in with the normal chronology of time and would be ignored or labeled a fraud by regular archeologists, but Childress believes there are too many ooparts around the world to ignore and that we need to use all evidence when piecing together human history.

While Childress does not fit the evidence into a creationist worldview, it leads him to search for a world history that can account for the evidence we find of sophisticated technology from long ago. Bibleland Studios believes that ancient technology resulted from Adam and Eve’s massive intellect being passed on to their offspring, even to the generations after the flood. This means that lost ancient technology came from our forefathers some 4500 years ago, not aliens and not an older evolved human race.

Why do we carry books with philosophies we disagree with? Simple, these are the best resources money can buy, period. We are more interested in the raw data they contain than the conclusions. They allow us to piece the fragments together ourselves to answer the ultimate questions we all what to know. Who are we and where did we come from?

So if you would like to take a trip around the world exploring much of what modern science has left out of their books, then join an ambitious and curious observer David Hatcher Childress as he chronicles his experiences over vast oceans and dark dusty continents. Grab a few of these titles from our store and from your most comfortable chair in your home, begin a journey that will lead you…where?

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