The Wonder of Reality

The Wonder of Reality

Nature has symmetry and beauty.

It’s delicate…

Yet sturdy.

It has endless variety of color, texture and shape.

It’s complex and intelligent; even the smallest insect knows how to survive and can even create beauty and complexity. This is a round bug home made on oak leaves by gall wasp.

It creeps…

It hops….

It flies… and we still don’t even understand how. By our “laws” of physics and aerodynamics the bumble can’t fly.

It cleans and recycles; where would our world be without nature disposing of dead things?

Even the slow can survive here.

It protects itself yet shares. This thistle is a stopover for a grasshopper.

It creates life from sunlight millions of miles away to feed us and then takes our waste CO2 to give us clean air to breathe.

It knows, responds and prepares while we’re still whining.

It seems perfectly balanced, self sufficient, complex, beautiful and… You are here. WHY?

Remember: Apes, Aliens or Adam…. There’s only 3 choices.

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