The Gospel in Creation

The Gospel in Creation

“Stupendous!” says the New York Times, “Unparalleled!” exclaims the Washington Post, “No words to describe it!” writes the USA Today. What would today’s media record if they could witness from space the creation of our Earth in those six incredible days?

Further back than science can go there was nothing but an idea in the mind of a Master Designer ready to be fully expressed. Plans that were formulated before the beginning of time were now ready for execution. Then with a mighty wind, the breath of God speaks the universe into existence. No event could have been more spectacular. Creating something from nothing with the mere audible vibration of His mouth. God spoke and it was. How profound.

As incredible as this event was, are there lessons to learn apart from the actual physical mechanics of creation? Yes! Much more and that is where our newest “product of the month” comes in. Hot off the presses in 1894 comes a book that dares to state biblically that the power to create the universe out of nothing is the same power that can speak goodness into the heart of a believing person when there is none. Did you catch that? God can command light to shine out of abject darkness both in the vacuum of space and the human heart through the spoken word.

Join a little known 19th century writer E.J. Waggoner as he takes you chapter by chapter through the 7 days of creation like you never experienced before. You will learn grand spiritual lessons as each day of creation unfolds with new and refreshing concepts straight from the Bible. You say you believe in creation and reject evolution? Waggoner challenges our thinking on just how much of a creationist we really are. If we believe God can create instantly with His word then why does it take 40 years to overcome a bad habit? Are we not acting more like an Evolutionists? On sale now in our store. Click here to begin you’re your week of creation journey today.

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