The Strength of Giants

Now back to giant builders in the past. Seems to me that if you have impossible sized stones being moved about, accomplishing what we have to use hydraulic cranes to do, that there must be a plausible explanation. But what kind of explanation can you come up with when 4,000 years ago they did not even have the technology of the wheel! Some have speculated that Aliens or intelligence from out side this world aided in creating these massive structures. Others say that, “They are there and so let’s not worry how they did it. It’s done and they did it and that good enough.”

Would an explanation of genetic giants building these palaces be too simple? That we were created as giant, beautiful humans and through the process of de-evolution we have “dumbed down” to where we are today? That our direct ancestors built these magnificent edifices and not some “E.T.”? I invite you to consider the possibilities and please feel free to continue this discussion in our forum.

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