Giant Humbugs

Giant Humbugs

Bah Humbug I say. Listen carefully when the interviewer asks his host to describe the giant animal’s size and description. Notice there is a lack of credibility in his testimony. His choice of words gives him away. He is basically describing what one sees when watching the video. He did not seem to give an account as if he was actually there. What gave it away was when he compares the relative size of this thing to the helicopter. If you were presented with this scientific opportunity and mesmerized by this colossal thing you would be able to give all kinds of specific details. But if you were never really there and this footage is all constructed, then your description would sound like his. It lacked detail: it wasn’t paced off, there was no description of the skin or the hair that is shown in the video and no reference to a specimen brought back for examination. His testimony was shallow, as if he watched the video and then relayed what he saw. Just more Tom Foolery. Besides he did not sound like a man of science, but more like an actor.

The video believability factor is better than the India fossilized sea monster hoax.
The Photoshop job they did worked well. But notice what they did. They gave you a few close-ups, a quick sweep of the thing, few more shots and you’re done. They show a motorized auger that was nothing more than a prop for effect. Though there were parts of the “creature” sticking through the ice, they removed a sizable, rectangular block of ice by other methods, the unnecessary auger is brought in and then they show you something that looks like a buried Halloween costume. When they finally touch the hair they no longer look like they are even in the cut out area that they had labored to remove.

It was just enough to tantalize the mind but not enough to provide credible proof. According to the radio interview this is the footage used in a TV news broadcast because their video footage was taken and their 3-D geological images are also conveniently lost. So instead of getting the impression a scientist filmed this, it has the typical feel of cheesy Big Foot footage. “Hey Elmer I think I see something!” “Quick, look, there he goes!” And then the camera always pans swiftly to show a blurred shot of the hind end of a deer or a drunken buddy falling down in a heavy fur coat.

Then of course there is the “cover up” the geologists speaks of in the radio interview. They all got fired from their jobs and everything is hush-hush. Mainstream scientists are ignoring the find of the century! I think I smell empty beer cans. All I can say is this is the kind of humbug P.T. Barnum would have loved and he is probably laughing in his grave.

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