The Unsung Heroes of the 21st Century

being in the “eternal snows of Mt. Ararat.” Credible eyewitnesses like George Hagopian and Ed Davis from that area describe what it looks like. “An almost limitless number and variety of universal flood legends that can be found in nearly every corner of the globe,”(Secrets of the Lost Races, p. 9) tells them that our oldest, cultural, memories verify its existence. The totality of the information compels some.

Considering the significance and implications of finding such an international treasure of magnificent proportions, these explorers seem rather ignored. But now you can read the fascinating, personal testimonies of 13 of these “ unsung heroes” in Rex Geisler’s book as they recount their journeys up the “Mountain of Pain” to search for Noah’s Ark. Explorers of Ararat will help you to understand why the search for such a huge vessel on such a large mountain is not as simple as it sounds. Read the stories of mishaps, political intrigue, locals’ assistance and tragedy. Find out why each person travels half way around the world placing themselves in peril in the hopes that it will be found and documented.

What would the world be like in a post discovery of Noah’s Ark? I guess we will have to wait and find out. Until then Bibleland Studios would like to invite you to relive the adventures of these dedicated men and woman as they continue their involvement in the greatest archeological quest …ever.

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