Chariots of the gods.

megalithic structures and evidences of technology that puzzle everyone. Though we at Bibleland disagree with von Daniken’s premise and conclusion of Alien intervention, his sound reasoning and fascinating examples from around the world at least answer the hard questions scientists ignore regarding the anomalous evidence in the record of our earliest human existence.

Von Daniken inadvertently adds another problem into the issue of origins: where do aliens come from? The same evidence can also indicate that the human race was created 6000 years ago: magnificently tall and proportioned, extremely intelligent and long-lived and that they were responsible for the fantastic artifacts left behind that we examine in this lovely film. Rent it at your local video store or buy is for only $9.95. I’ve watched is 7 times already and am ready to watch it again. Put some popcorn in the microwave, sit back and get ready for an incredible ride. Then ask your self was it Apes, Aliens or Adam?

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