Evolution: Bogus Science Attacks Religion

Evolution: Bogus Science Attacks Religion

remain relatively unchanged” until they disappear.

He quoted evolutionist Steven Stanley that “the known fossil record… offers no evidence that the gradualistic model can be valid.”

In other words, “species do not arise gradually by the steady transformation of ancestors; they appear fully formed.”

Darwinist Stephen Jay Gould described this fact as a “trade secret of palaeontology,” and admitted that the diagrams in textbooks are based on “inference… not the evidence of fossils.”

Central According to Stark, from early on “atheism was central to the agenda of the Darwinians.”

It was the use of bogus science against religion which eventually provoked religious opposition to the theory.

“For the heirs of the Enlightenment, evolution seemed finally to supply the weapon needed to destroy religion,” said Stark.

Thomas Huxley set the pattern by claiming the only choice was between Darwin or Bible literalism. Rejecting this view Stark commented, “one may note the serious shortcomings of neo- Darwinism without opting for any rival theory.”

As leading biological scientists hold that the origin of species is still not understood, he was amazed that “Darwin is treated as a secular saint in the media, and the theory of evolution is regarded as the invincible challenge to all religious claims.”

That the theory has survived is due in no small part to the intimidation of experts who disagree with it, according to Stark.

“An appeal for a united front on the part of scientists to oppose religious opposition has had the consequence of silencing dissent within the scientific community,” he wrote.

Professor of the Social Sciences at Baylor University, Rodney Stark is a religious agnostic. A wellknown author, he was Professor of Sociology at Washington University for 30 years.

His article, “Fact, Fable and Darwin” appeared in The American Enterprise.


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