New Ark Anomaly Gives Researchers Hope

New Ark Anomaly Gives Researchers Hope

that veteran Ark explorer John McIntosh fell and broke his leg while scaling the southern side of Ararat. A couple of steel pins later John is still feeling the affects of that expedition up what locals appropriately call Agri-Dagh or “mountain of pain.”

Meanwhile, others that were on the mountain that summer (who will remain unnamed) snapped some shots that would later seem very interesting. Hiking at around 13,000 feet on the SW side, this new anomaly appeared in the lens of one explorer on August 2005. Sadly the distant object escaped their observation when on location, only to discover it later after examining the photographs. Hopefully 2006 will afford the right weather conditions and political climate to allow a closer look.

Many are naturally eager to investigate various sites of interest in 2006, but how does one do that? To obtain permission properly one has to apply for a permit to the Turkish government and then to pay Baksheesh.
The north and east sides of Mt. Ararat are used by the Turkish Army and overlook Iran and Soviet Armenia. Unless you gain access thorough the proper government channels you have only two options:

1.) Pay off the right people in the military or

2.) Sneak up the mountain and hope you don’t get caught.

Several clandestine operations do take place each year. The danger of climbing without permission or paying off the military can result in pain or death. Sadly 3 Russian explorers were killed in 2004 for that choice. Their bodies were left for a period of time before taken off the mountain. The news media did not publish this story, but I offer it to you as an exclusive for visiting Bibleland. As often as possible, without endangering my sources, I will update you on the continuing saga to scale Mt. Ararat. My source for this particular tragic event was there at Mount Ararat in the late summer of 04. As the hunt for the elusive ark continues in 2006, please pray for wisdom of the men and women who are contemplating the search for this grand icon of human history.

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