The Gospel In The Stars

Your picture of God matters. There is a bottom line in Christianity that you have to know God CAN do what you need Him to do and that He WANTS to do what you need Him to do. If you don’t fully believe one of those fundamental concepts then your Christian walk will be crippled. So would you like to fully understand Romans 1:16 which says that the gospel is the explosive power of God channeled towards our salvation? Would you like to truly be reassured that God can do “exceedingly abundantly above whatever we can ask or imagine?”

Bibleland Studios is pleased to announce a brand new media presentation “The Gospel In The Stars.” Using the most beautiful and amazing of the Hubble photos, it reveals some of the incredible lessons of God’s power and faithfulness that He is trying to share with us night after night. 

Call today and Bibleland Studios can present “The Gospel in the Stars” at your church. Slide show or PowerPoint versions both available.

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