Mammoth Reward Offered to Find World’s Largest Mastodon a New Home

Mammoth Reward Offered to Find World’s Largest Mastodon a New Home

In April of 2006, the world famous one-eyed Cy-clops kitten found a new home at the Lost World Museum. Now the museum’s owner, John Adolfi, informs us that a replica of the world’s largest Mastodon will also grace the new museum scheduled to open in spring 2007. What’s even more exciting is that the original fossilized skull is up for sale and the museum is offering a reward of up to $10,000 to the person who aids in the sale of it.

Priced at $500,000 the Lost World Museum is offering the world a chance to own this magnificent one of a kind fossil. Found in a Texan gravel bed in 2000 and restored by bone digger and artist Joe Taylor of the Mount Blanco museum, the Lone Star Mastodon is the world’s largest Mastodon. It’s epic proportions include standing fourteen feet at the shoulder with an estimated length of 30 feet from the point of its nine foot tusks to its fur covered tail. With an estimated weight of over ten tons, this ancient wonder of the animal kingdom would even tower over P.T. Barnum’s Jumbo by 2 feet! Even more unusual is that it has 4 tusks instead of 2; the second, smaller set extending out the chin area.

Adolfi, a professed creationist, states that the museum will house it’s own replica of the Lone Star Mastodon because he feels this fossil flies in the face of Evolution’s predominate claim that life starts off simple and small and over time develops into something larger and more complex. “Our Earth’s fossil record harbors dragonflies with 29-inch wingspans, 100-foot tall ferns, eight-foot beavers, mammoths and mastodons larger than our modern elephants.  How do these fit into the 3 billion years of slow progression from nothing to what we see today? But from a creationist world view where the original human, animal and plant kingdom began 6000 years ago as super large and complex and has been rapidly weakening and shrinking since then, then this huge four tusked, ancient Mastodon makes total sense,” says Adolfi.

Since the museum’s owner understands the manpower necessary to find that right buyer, Adolfi is calling on the public for help and giving everyone the opportunity, tools and encouragement to get the word out to those who would want the biggest, most unique and rarest of the rare artifacts and collectables. Up to $10,000 is promised to the person who makes that connection between the Lost World Museum and that special collector and the sale finalizes. All information, statistics and photos necessary to interest a potential buyer are provided on the Museum’s website. One simply educates themselves on the principle points of interest concerning the mastodon and then direct the potential buyer to the website or to the Lost World Museum for more information.

So, whether you believe this Mastodon has a rightful place in the evolutionary family tree or lost its life in the Biblical flood of Noah, you can behold the San Antonio Texas Behemoth, the magnificent Lone Star Mastodon at Lost World Museum.

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