About Us

John _Christen_350pAdolfi Bio

John, a former child ventriloquist, magician and amateur moviemaker, became a Christian while serving in the United States Navy in 1984. He continues to work as a Real Estate Broker since then but his first love is Bibleland Studios.

Christen, a bookworm and nature nut with a love for languages, worked as an Interpreter for the Deaf for several years after graduating from Oswego State with a BA in Russian. She now works full-time for Bibleland Studios.

John and Christen Adolfi reside in Fulton, NY with their black lab Moo Moo. They have been married since 1996 and have no children.


Vision Statement

The vision of Bibleland Studios is to capture the attention of humanity and establish the credibility of Biblical concepts, reaching people through various modern methods of media.

Bibleland Studios agrees with George Lucas in that we recognize “the power that art has to motivate and inspire, and we see clearly how color, form, music and language combine to create the most potent forms of communication and expression.” Everything we produce will reach the heart through the imagination by presenting all content in an entertaining, educational and inspirational nature. A Biblical principal will be learned in every story, an object lesson in every graphic.

Using Hollywood quality with Disney World magic, Bibleland Studios will showcase the stories of the Bible in a fresh, contemporary format, taking the fragments of history and piecing together the past, present and future of the human race.