World’s Largest (4 tusk) Mastodon

  Museum owner, John Adolfi, announced today that a replica of the world’s largest (4 tusk) Mastodon will grace the Lost World  Museum in Phoenix, NY. Found in a Texan gravel bed in 2000 and then painstakingly restored by bone digger and artist Joe Taylor of the Mount Blanco Museum, the Lone Star Mastodon is … Read moreWorld’s Largest (4 tusk) Mastodon

Adolfi and Lee on International T.V.

Hurry and set your satellite TV dial to Three Angels Broadcasting Network this Saturday April 22, 2006. John Adolfi and Artist Elfred Lee each share their personal testimony to Host Danny Shelton along with many photos of Lee’s previous art work.  Learn about John’s passion for the unchurched and how he plans to reach them. … Read moreAdolfi and Lee on International T.V.

“Cy”clops Kitten Moves to Lost World Museum

Many of you are here because of all the media hype surrounding the “Cy”clops kitty. Well, yes, we did acquire it from the owner Traci Allen of Redmond, Oregon and YES it is real and not a Photoshop hoax. Now let me give you the reason for our interest in her and then show you … Read more“Cy”clops Kitten Moves to Lost World Museum

Update: Lost World Museum Launches in 2019

Is Genesis provable? Most critics say “NO!” Now a Museum plans to explore the origins question in an interesting unique format and display method. After 19 years of pre-planning, Bibleland Studios happily announces the opening of the Lost World Museum in Phoenix, New York  summer 2019. Over the next several months you will get the events … Read moreUpdate: Lost World Museum Launches in 2019

Hidden History of the Human Race

In times past, when a family member just did not fit in, many times they were shut away and never spoken about. What do evolutionists do when one of their offspring becomes wayward? The book The Hidden History of the Human Race is a 300 page condensed version of author Michael Cremo’s classic 900 page … Read moreHidden History of the Human Race

The Gospel in Creation – Free Book

“Stupendous!” says the New York Times, “Unparalleled!” exclaims the Washington Post, “No words to describe it!” writes the USA Today. Would these be the headlines in newspapers today if reporters could fly above earths atmosphere and witness the original creation of our Earth in those six incredible days? Trillions of trillions of years ago, further … Read moreThe Gospel in Creation – Free Book

Did Dinosaurs and Man “EVER” Co-Exist?

Have humans and dinosaurs coexisted in time past? Is there any hard evidence to prove it? Bibleland Studios has acquired a series of photographs that would turn the scientific community upside down…if true. Is this the discovery of the century or a fraud of classic design? This series of photos were taken of an alleged … Read moreDid Dinosaurs and Man “EVER” Co-Exist?