Final Chapter – Dinosaur Fossil Hoax

Yes friends, it was a hoax. Many people including myself in the beginning looked at what appeared real hard concrete evidence and believed it was in fact an in situ genuine T-Rex looking fossil swallowing a human being. If true, this would shock the paleo-anthropology world. A teacher and his students, out west at a … Read moreFinal Chapter – Dinosaur Fossil Hoax

Did Dinosaurs and Man “EVER” Co-Exist?

Have humans and dinosaurs coexisted in time past? Is there any hard evidence to prove it? Bibleland Studios has acquired a series of photographs that would turn the scientific community upside down…if true. Is this the discovery of the century or a fraud of classic design? This series of photos were taken of an alleged … Read moreDid Dinosaurs and Man “EVER” Co-Exist?

Baalbek: Bus Sized Stones Moved by the Ancients

The question still remains, “How did the ancients move blocks of stone the size of a school bus?” As evidenced by the stone megaliths all over the world. Many defy explanation either because of their sheer size or because of the precision with which they were dressed and laid. In the temple base at Baalbek, … Read moreBaalbek: Bus Sized Stones Moved by the Ancients