Instantaneous Creation

One person wrote us saying: “How is it that I, a very spiritual person, have no problem with the fact we have evolved over time”? Well, spirituality does not save us – the power of God as seen in instantaneous creation does. Rom. 1:16 says that the gospel IS (equals) the POWER of God channeled … Read more

Evolution: bogus science used to attack religion

remain relatively unchanged” until they disappear. He quoted evolutionist Steven Stanley that “the known fossil record… offers no evidence that the gradualistic model can be valid.” In other words, “species do not arise gradually by the steady transformation of ancestors; they appear fully formed.” Darwinist Stephen Jay Gould described this fact as a “trade secret … Read more

Show and Tell

Evidence can be interpreted in many different ways as with this pile of animal bones. However one needs to ask what circumstances could cause thousands of animals, from the elephant to the mouse, to all die in the same, huge, layered graveyard extending over many miles. Could it have been thirsty animals in a drought … Read more

The Eye of The Storm

One of those is Richard Dawkins, lecturer in animal behavior at Oxford University. Dawkins, an atheist, wrote a book titled, The Blind Watchmaker (W.W. Norton, 1986), in which he criticized the way the eye in vertebrates (including man) is “wired.” He asserts that the photocells in the eyes of vertebrates are “wired backwards,” a circumstance, … Read more

The Wonder of Reality

Nature has symmetry and beauty. It’s delicate… Yet sturdy. It has endless variety of color, texture and shape. It’s complex and intelligent; even the smallest insect knows how to survive and can even create beauty and complexity. This is a round bug home made on oak leaves by gall wasp. It creeps… It hops…. It … Read more