Evolution: Bogus Science Attacks Religion

remain relatively unchanged” until they disappear. He quoted evolutionist Steven Stanley that “the known fossil record… offers no evidence that the gradualistic model can be valid.” In other words, “species do not arise gradually by the steady transformation of ancestors; they appear fully formed.” Darwinist Stephen Jay Gould described this fact as a “trade secret … Read moreEvolution: Bogus Science Attacks Religion

Chariots of the gods: Were Aliens our “Daddy”

There are basically 3 serious categories, theories if you will, that do the best job of explaining the question of origins: Evolution, Creationism and the Alien Connection. Each has its limitations in credulity, evidences and the interpretation thereof. Each are also fantastic stories that can make sense, especially when told around a campfire on a … Read moreChariots of the gods: Were Aliens our “Daddy”

Hidden History of the Human Race

In times past, when a family member just did not fit in, many times they were shut away and never spoken about. What do evolutionists do when one of their offspring becomes wayward? The book The Hidden History of the Human Race is a 300 page condensed version of author Michael Cremo’s classic 900 page … Read moreHidden History of the Human Race

Did You Remember “Show and Tell” ?

Evidence can be interpreted in many different ways as with this pictorial example of a pile of animal bones. Ask yourself, “What circumstances could cause thousands of animals, from the elephant to the mouse, to all die in the same, huge, layered graveyard extending over many miles?” A typical evolutionary answer would be to explain … Read moreDid You Remember “Show and Tell” ?

Why Mainstream Science Rejects Creation

In 1925 the respected climate expert C. E. P. Brooks, suggested that a slight change of conditions might set off a self-sustaining shift between climate states. Suppose, he said, some random decrease of snow cover in northern latitudes exposed dark ground. Then the ground would absorb more sunlight, which would warm the air, which would … Read moreWhy Mainstream Science Rejects Creation

Noah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 Update

As many race towards being the first to plant their flat on top of Noah’s Ark. The Chinese have zeroed in on the west side of Ararat and believe they have found the famed vessel. An ice cave has been found in this area that resembles the ark. Time and investigation will tell. Meanwhile no … Read moreNoah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 Update

Was Man Ever a Half Ape Looking Midget?

Ever wonder what those thick beetle browed, half ape, half human skulls could possible be that pale-anthropoligists find? Are they an ape species or  mankind in the process of our evolutionary developmental  journey? I found a plausible answer in the book The Evolution Cruncher . The book by Vance Ferrell not only gave me this (new) plausible answer … Read moreWas Man Ever a Half Ape Looking Midget?

The Eye of The Storm

One of those is Richard Dawkins, lecturer in animal behavior at Oxford University. Dawkins, an atheist, wrote a book titled, The Blind Watchmaker (W.W. Norton, 1986), in which he criticized the way the eye in vertebrates (including man) is “wired.” He asserts that the photocells in the eyes of vertebrates are “wired backwards,” a circumstance, … Read moreThe Eye of The Storm

Evolutionist Turncoat… A Freak of Science?

What do you make of a man who has built his entire career on science; teaching evolution at the graduate level for 19 years and then switches sides and becomes a creationist? Would it be the equivalent of Bill Clinton announcing tomorrow that he is a Republican? Here is the question. Can creationism really be … Read moreEvolutionist Turncoat… A Freak of Science?