Savant Rex Lewis-Clack

His piano teacher, David Mehnert, is teaching him a piece, a Schubert Impromptu, and he’s hearing it now for the first time.  Right after, he’s able to play the piece, but he isn’t reading music. He can’t even see the keys. Rex is a musical savant, one of a handful of people in the world … Read more

Giant Human Footprints in Stone?

either modern man is much older than we have thought or that our dating techniques are faulty. Either way, there is a big problem for scientists. So, “interpretation” of evidence is an important tool that often comes to their rescue. This is not the first set of prints that have attempted to shake up the … Read more

Were Adam and Eve Giants? Revisited.

Here is a very simple solution. In the beginning God created Adam and Eve. He created them in His likeness and image. I believe He created them tall, good-looking and extremely intelligent with the capacity to live forever. The world was nutrient rich and lush (which is why we have such enormous coal beds – … Read more

Giant Humbugs

Bah Humbug I say. Listen carefully when the interviewer asks his host to describe the giant animal’s size and description. Notice there is a lack of credibility in his testimony. His choice of words gives him away. He is basically describing what one sees when watching the video. He did not seem to give an … Read more

Giant Fossil Could Be Mammoth Hoax

While I’d personally love to see more fossils like this come to light, it seems that gullibility and the need for something greater than ourselves permits us to buy into these type of events quickly. Some are sharing the video clip as something fact, yet our research into this fossil indicates there are substantial reasons … Read more