Darwin’s Mistake

Could Darwin have possibly made a mistake? Impossible you say? If Darwin had known about the evidence found in Dr. Hans J. Zillmer book Darwin’s Mistake, would Charles Darwin have renounced his position and re-joined the ranks of Creationists? See why author Dr. Hans J. Zillmer’s case is so compelling. Read about dinosaurs and other … Read more

Chariots of the gods.

megalithic structures and evidences of technology that puzzle everyone. Though we at Bibleland disagree with von Daniken’s premise and conclusion of Alien intervention, his sound reasoning and fascinating examples from around the world at least answer the hard questions scientists ignore regarding the anomalous evidence in the record of our earliest human existence. Von Daniken … Read more

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

There are hundreds of artifacts, documents and traditions that speak of a history that contradicts the way we were taught in school and reinforced in print and TV. “We have evolved they say! Man has gotten smarter and more advanced in the last 10,000 years.” Have they or have we only begun to regain that … Read more

The Strength of Giants

Now back to giant builders in the past. Seems to me that if you have impossible sized stones being moved about, accomplishing what we have to use hydraulic cranes to do, that there must be a plausible explanation. But what kind of explanation can you come up with when 4,000 years ago they did not … Read more