The Gospel in Creation

“Stupendous!” says the New York Times, “Unparalleled!” exclaims the Washington Post, “No words to describe it!” writes the USA Today. What would today’s media record if they could witness from space the creation of our Earth in those six incredible days? Further back than science can go there was nothing but an idea in the … Read more

Fossil Facts & Fantasies

Another interesting picture Taylor has is of the ZERBST Trackway. During the F.A.C.T. dig of ’96, local rancher removed a layer of sand stone and uncovered one of the single most amazing track ways ever found. In an area about fifty feet by ten feet, there were many tracks. One is of a very large … Read more

Attention Bird Lovers

An anomaly is anything that is a deviation from the normal. We all stop and stare if just for a moment at the strange, unusual and rare. The irregular characteristics of man, animal or structures are the subjects of a series of books by William Corliss that we will be releasing over the next 9 … Read more

Creation Science Library

Well, here it is. Some of you have asked for a package deal of these beautiful DVDs from Illustra Media. For those of you who are new let me briefly describe them. Privileged Planet – shows all the hard to believe “coincidences” that make our world inhabitable. Icons of Evolution – chronicles the difficult journey … Read more

New Products Alert

Bibleland Studios would like to announce a new division in our product line: DVDs. These DVDs have been hand selected from the many available for their graphics and content. They challenge evolution as well as teach us something about creation science. The titles include: Icons Of Evolution, Unlocking The Mystery of Life, The Privileged Planet … Read more

The Emporium

Open air markets, bazaars, haggling… what would life be without outlets for our new and used goods? Bibleland Studios is proud to present a new feature to our website: The Emporium. This is your store! You post a message indicating what you would like to sell or buy. Others read your post and either post … Read more