New Product

Ok Everyone… The day has finally arrived to premier our “Monkey? No Monkey.“ T-shirts! Now is your chance to get one for yourself and start having some fun. Enjoy watching people’s expressions while you question our origins. And remember, if you come up with a cool picture using one of these shirts, submit it to … Read more

Another New Gallery

Dinosaur Eggs…. wow. Think of it. This was a viable egg – a growing dinosaur baby until a catastophic event froze in time the ancient world. Fossils can be found all over the world. Dinosaurs probably roamed in your back yard! Sometimes we find isolated tracks but many times we see mass graves of not … Read more

A New Gallery

For all you nature lovers we have now added a new gallery! If you have unusual or beautiful pictures of flowers, animals or nature in general then submit them to us for possible entry into the gallery. This giant hogweed was found by Christen Adolfi in Oswego, NY. It can be up to 15 feet … Read more