World’s Largest (4 tusk) Mastodon

  Museum owner, John Adolfi, announced today that a replica of the world’s largest (4 tusk) Mastodon will grace the Lost World  Museum in Phoenix, NY. Found in a Texan gravel bed in 2000 and then painstakingly restored by bone digger and artist Joe Taylor of the Mount Blanco Museum, the Lone Star Mastodon is … Read moreWorld’s Largest (4 tusk) Mastodon

Giant Sequoias: A Portal Into Our Ancient Past

Few living creatures have maintained their size or integrity since the world wide flood of Noah some 4,500 years ago. We see animal and plant of extra ordinary size  in the fossil record For example; Penguins 5 ft tall. Beavers 8 ft long and 450 lbs., tassel ferns of today stand no higher than the … Read moreGiant Sequoias: A Portal Into Our Ancient Past

Conversation Starter – Noah’s Ark Bi-Fold

Since the release of the The Invitation, you have asked for a smaller size that you can pass around the coffee table. Introducing the 11” x 18” Bi-Fold Laminate You begin with the art image printed on the front cover. Open it and inside, on the left and right panels, there is a legend plus a complete … Read moreConversation Starter – Noah’s Ark Bi-Fold

Noah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 Update

As many race towards being the first to plant their flat on top of Noah’s Ark. The Chinese have zeroed in on the west side of Ararat and believe they have found the famed vessel. An ice cave has been found in this area that resembles the ark. Time and investigation will tell. Meanwhile no … Read moreNoah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 Update

Noah’s Ark: Eyewitnesses & Expeditions

In an interview with Ark Explorer Elfred Lee and Washington D.C. radio talk show host Jerry Fuller, the following is a brief transcript to a most engaging conversation regarding the famed vessel Noah’s Ark. We pick up here in mid conversation: Fuller: You say it has been seen? Lee: Many have seen it. Many have written … Read moreNoah’s Ark: Eyewitnesses & Expeditions

Greater Hope For Noah’s Ark Exploration

This looks very promising. This December 14th 2004, the Turkish government will vote on a document created by the European Union. The document contains many conditions in order for Turkey to be able to join the Union. Turkey will prosper economically if they are received into the EU’s already 25-country membership. The condition is that … Read moreGreater Hope For Noah’s Ark Exploration