New Ark Anomaly Gives Researchers Hope

that veteran Ark explorer John McIntosh fell and broke his leg while scaling the southern side of Ararat. A couple of steel pins later John is still feeling the affects of that expedition up what locals appropriately call Agri-Dagh or “mountain of pain.” Meanwhile, others that were on the mountain that summer (who will remain … Read more

Is Noah’s Ark in Iran?

Mount Ararat may not be the mountain where the ark rests. You see the Bible states that the ark rested on the mounts of Ararat not mount (singular) of Ararat. This could indicate a region as opposed to a specific mountain. Now travel east from Baghdad to the first significant mountain range and what do … Read more

Mysterious Object on Ararat

Some of the established Ark explorers are concerned that people who have a scant of “new” information go running straight to the media instead of contacting the authorities to have their information checked out first. Veterans of Ark Exploration like Elfred Lee or John McIntosh of the 1970’s famed S.E. A.R.C.H. Foundation are both willing … Read more

Noah’s Ark comes to DC

On October 8th 2004 Washington DC area listeners got a real treat as Artist and Noah’s Ark explorer Elfred Lee stopped by radio station WGTS to talk with interviewer Jerry Fuller. In the hour-long interview listeners were glued to their radios as Elfred spoke about dangerous terrorists, avalanches, finding 5000-year-old wood and even described some … Read more