Exploring for Noah’s Ark – Radio Interview

On October 8th 2004 Washington DC area listeners got a real treat as Artist and Noah’s Ark explorer Elfred Lee stopped by radio station WGTS to talk with interviewer Jerry Fuller. In the hour-long interview listeners were glued to their radios as Elfred spoke about dangerous terrorists, avalanches, finding 5,000-year-old wood and even described some … Read moreExploring for Noah’s Ark – Radio Interview

Treasures of the Lost Races

Everyone loves a good treasure story; conjuring up images of chests full of gold and jewels buried in the sands of time waiting for a treasure hunter to find the spot and dig it up. Well if that excites you then you’ll love Treasures of the Lost Races As we grapple with our ancient past … Read moreTreasures of the Lost Races