Why Mainstream Science Rejects Creation

In 1925 the respected climate expert C. E. P. Brooks, suggested that a slight change of conditions might set off a self-sustaining shift between climate states. Suppose, he said, some random decrease of snow cover in northern latitudes exposed dark ground. Then the ground would absorb more sunlight, which would warm the air, which would … Read moreWhy Mainstream Science Rejects Creation

Was Man Ever a Half Ape Looking Midget?

Ever wonder what those thick beetle browed, half ape, half human skulls could possible be that pale-anthropoligists find? Are they an ape species or  mankind in the process of our evolutionary developmental  journey? I found a plausible answer in the book The Evolution Cruncher . The book by Vance Ferrell not only gave me this (new) plausible answer … Read moreWas Man Ever a Half Ape Looking Midget?

Evolutionist Turncoat… A Freak of Science?

What do you make of a man who has built his entire career on science; teaching evolution at the graduate level for 19 years and then switches sides and becomes a creationist? Would it be the equivalent of Bill Clinton announcing tomorrow that he is a Republican? Here is the question. Can creationism really be … Read moreEvolutionist Turncoat… A Freak of Science?

Are Savants And Prodigies A Glimpse At Early Human Abilities?

Dr. Oliver Sacks was in awe. The twins in he was used to seeing in the assisted care facility were doing something he’d never seen before. One would say a 6 digit number and the other would seemingly “catch” it – meaning he would smile and nod as if savoring what his brother had just … Read moreAre Savants And Prodigies A Glimpse At Early Human Abilities?

Final Chapter – Dinosaur Fossil Hoax

Yes friends, it was a hoax. Many people including myself in the beginning looked at what appeared real hard concrete evidence and believed it was in fact an in situ genuine T-Rex looking fossil swallowing a human being. If true, this would shock the paleo-anthropology world. A teacher and his students, out west at a … Read moreFinal Chapter – Dinosaur Fossil Hoax

Options for Origins: Lucy or Aliens?

In 1969 Erik Von Daniken took the world by storm in his book Chariots of the Gods. His ideas were meant to explain the preponderance of evidence accumulating that suggests we came from a civilization of highly advanced people. The book’s manifesto is a combination of evolution and alien intervention but at least he attempts … Read moreOptions for Origins: Lucy or Aliens?

“CSF” Stands for Christian Science Fiction

What does a space traveler and a killer anti-terrorist android have to do with the Bible?  Plenty! And the best way to find out how is to read the exciting just released issue of  Christian SF. This first issue is loaded with Biblical messages within the backdrop of Science Fiction. You will be amazed at … Read more“CSF” Stands for Christian Science Fiction

Treasures of the Lost Races

Everyone loves a good treasure story; conjuring up images of chests full of gold and jewels buried in the sands of time waiting for a treasure hunter to find the spot and dig it up. Well if that excites you then you’ll love Treasures of the Lost Races As we grapple with our ancient past … Read moreTreasures of the Lost Races