Instantaneous Creation

One person wrote us saying: “How is it that I, a very spiritual person, have no problem with the fact we have evolved over time”? Well, spirituality does not save us – the power of God as seen in instantaneous creation does. Rom. 1:16 says that the gospel IS (equals) the POWER of God channeled … Read more

New Ark Anomaly Gives Researchers Hope

that veteran Ark explorer John McIntosh fell and broke his leg while scaling the southern side of Ararat. A couple of steel pins later John is still feeling the affects of that expedition up what locals appropriately call Agri-Dagh or “mountain of pain.” Meanwhile, others that were on the mountain that summer (who will remain … Read more

Evolution: bogus science used to attack religion

remain relatively unchanged” until they disappear. He quoted evolutionist Steven Stanley that “the known fossil record… offers no evidence that the gradualistic model can be valid.” In other words, “species do not arise gradually by the steady transformation of ancestors; they appear fully formed.” Darwinist Stephen Jay Gould described this fact as a “trade secret … Read more

Is Noah’s Ark in Iran?

Mount Ararat may not be the mountain where the ark rests. You see the Bible states that the ark rested on the mounts of Ararat not mount (singular) of Ararat. This could indicate a region as opposed to a specific mountain. Now travel east from Baghdad to the first significant mountain range and what do … Read more

Were Adam and Eve Giants? Revisited.

Here is a very simple solution. In the beginning God created Adam and Eve. He created them in His likeness and image. I believe He created them tall, good-looking and extremely intelligent with the capacity to live forever. The world was nutrient rich and lush (which is why we have such enormous coal beds – … Read more