Giant Human Footprints in Stone?

In 1976 famed anthropologist Mary Leaky discovered 70 human footprints in stone in Tanzania known as the Laetoli tracks. Leaky felt they looked like they were made by modern human beings, but that created a problem. The depressions left by our ancestors were in a stratum dated at 3.6 million years. No modern human could … Read moreGiant Human Footprints in Stone?

When Cattle Doesn’t Mean a Cow

If one looks up the word ‘cattle’ in the Strong’s they will find that many Hebrew words are translated into the English word cattle depending on the context. One word for cattle is miqneh which means acquired livestock. Another word rendered cattle in English is baqar, which is the most likely animal that really is … Read moreWhen Cattle Doesn’t Mean a Cow

Adolfi and Lee on International T.V.

Hurry and set your satellite TV dial to Three Angels Broadcasting Network this Saturday April 22, 2006. John Adolfi and Artist Elfred Lee each share their personal testimony to Host Danny Shelton along with many photos of Lee’s previous art work.  Learn about John’s passion for the unchurched and how he plans to reach them. … Read moreAdolfi and Lee on International T.V.

“Cy”clops Kitten Moves to Lost World Museum

Many of you are here because of all the media hype surrounding the “Cy”clops kitty. Well, yes, we did acquire it from the owner Traci Allen of Redmond, Oregon and YES it is real and not a Photoshop hoax. Now let me give you the reason for our interest in her and then show you … Read more“Cy”clops Kitten Moves to Lost World Museum

Update: Lost World Museum Launches in 2019

Is Genesis provable? Most critics say “NO!” Now a Museum plans to explore the origins question in an interesting unique format and display method. After 19 years of pre-planning, Bibleland Studios happily announces the opening of the Lost World Museum in Phoenix, New York  summer 2019. Over the next several months you will get the events … Read moreUpdate: Lost World Museum Launches in 2019

Evolution: Bogus Science Attacks Religion

remain relatively unchanged” until they disappear. He quoted evolutionist Steven Stanley that “the known fossil record… offers no evidence that the gradualistic model can be valid.” In other words, “species do not arise gradually by the steady transformation of ancestors; they appear fully formed.” Darwinist Stephen Jay Gould described this fact as a “trade secret … Read moreEvolution: Bogus Science Attacks Religion

Giant Sequoias: A Portal Into Our Ancient Past

Few living creatures have maintained their size or integrity since the world wide flood of Noah some 4,500 years ago. We see animal and plant of extra ordinary size  in the fossil record For example; Penguins 5 ft tall. Beavers 8 ft long and 450 lbs., tassel ferns of today stand no higher than the … Read moreGiant Sequoias: A Portal Into Our Ancient Past

Chariots of the gods: Were Aliens our “Daddy”

There are basically 3 serious categories, theories if you will, that do the best job of explaining the question of origins: Evolution, Creationism and the Alien Connection. Each has its limitations in credulity, evidences and the interpretation thereof. Each are also fantastic stories that can make sense, especially when told around a campfire on a … Read moreChariots of the gods: Were Aliens our “Daddy”