Options for Origins: Lucy or Aliens?

In 1969 Erik Von Daniken took the world by storm in his book Chariots of the Gods. His ideas were meant to explain the preponderance of evidence accumulating that suggests we came from a civilization of highly advanced people. The book’s manifesto is a combination of evolution and alien intervention but at least he attempts … Read moreOptions for Origins: Lucy or Aliens?

“CSF” Stands for Christian Science Fiction

What does a space traveler and a killer anti-terrorist android have to do with the Bible?  Plenty! And the best way to find out how is to read the exciting just released issue of  Christian SF. This first issue is loaded with Biblical messages within the backdrop of Science Fiction. You will be amazed at … Read more“CSF” Stands for Christian Science Fiction

Treasures of the Lost Races

Everyone loves a good treasure story; conjuring up images of chests full of gold and jewels buried in the sands of time waiting for a treasure hunter to find the spot and dig it up. Well if that excites you then you’ll love Treasures of the Lost Races As we grapple with our ancient past … Read moreTreasures of the Lost Races

Monkey?…No Monkey!

Ok Everyone…the day has finally arrived to premier our “Monkey? No Monkey.“ T-shirts! Now is your chance to get one for yourself and start having some fun. Enjoy watching people’s expressions while you place a simple question about  our origins. “Monkey?” The answer on the back is “No Monkey.” And remember, if you come up … Read moreMonkey?…No Monkey!

Dino Egg – Snapshot into Earth’s Historical Past

Dinosaur Eggs…. wow. Think of it. This was a viable egg – a growing dinosaur fetus, until a catastrophic event froze in time this example of the ancient world. Fossils are found all over the world. Dinosaurs probably roamed in your back yard! Sometimes we find an isolated track, but many times we see billions … Read moreDino Egg – Snapshot into Earth’s Historical Past