Costa Rican (Megalithic) Stone Spheres

While on a trip to Costa Rica we discovered a series of anomalous artifact in this wonderful eco-friendly Spanish speaking country, 8 degrees north of the equator.  They are known as Bolo balls and there are over 300 that liter C.R. How big are they?  Some are taller than me! Up to 2 meters or […]

Chariots of the gods: Were Aliens our “Daddy”

There are basically 3 serious categories, theories if you will, that do the best job of explaining the question of origins: Evolution, Creationism and the Alien Connection. Each has its limitations in credulity, evidences and the interpretation thereof. Each are also fantastic stories that can make sense, especially when told around a campfire on a […]

Hidden History of the Human Race

In times past, when a family member just did not fit in, many times they were shut away and never spoken about. What do evolutionists do when one of their offspring becomes wayward? The book The Hidden History of the Human Race is a 300 page condensed version of author Michael Cremo’s classic 900 page […]

How Strong is a Giant Human?

4,000 years ago construction commenced on huge almost impossible buildings throughout the Earth. When we visit sites like Stone henge, Baalbek, and Cuzco, Peru we find what is termed megalithic structures. We also find that in each case at these megalithic sites, the builders, spoken of by the locals, were giant humans. However we see […]

Baalbek: Bus Sized Stones Moved by the Ancients

The question still remains, “How did the ancients move blocks of stone the size of a school bus?” As evidenced by the stone megaliths all over the world. Many defy explanation either because of their sheer size or because of the precision with which they were dressed and laid. In the temple base at Baalbek, […]

The London Artifact

One day in 1936, Mr. and Mrs. Hahn were hiking near London, Texas when they found something out of the ordinary. It was a chunk of rock with clamshells in it and wood protruding from it. When they cracked it open they discovered it was a hammer. It acquired the name “The London Artifact” and […]

Options for Origins: Lucy or Aliens?

In 1969 Erik Von Daniken took the world by storm in his book Chariots of the Gods. His ideas were meant to explain the preponderance of evidence accumulating that suggests we came from a civilization of highly advanced people. The book’s manifesto is a combination of evolution and alien intervention but at least he attempts […]

Treasures of the Lost Races

Everyone loves a good treasure story; conjuring up images of chests full of gold and jewels buried in the sands of time waiting for a treasure hunter to find the spot and dig it up. Well if that excites you then you’ll love Treasures of the Lost Races As we grapple with our ancient past […]