Conversation Starter – Noah’s Ark Bi-Fold

Since the release of the The Invitation, you have asked for a smaller size that you can pass around the coffee table. Introducing the 11” x 18” Bi-Fold Laminate You begin with the art image printed on the front cover. Open it and inside, on the left and right panels, there is a legend plus a complete … Read moreConversation Starter – Noah’s Ark Bi-Fold

How Strong is a Giant Human?

4,000 years ago construction commenced on huge almost impossible buildings throughout the Earth. When we visit sites like Stone henge, Baalbek, and Cuzco, Peru we find what is termed megalithic structures. We also find that in each case at these megalithic sites, the builders, spoken of by the locals, were giant humans. However we see … Read moreHow Strong is a Giant Human?

Did You Remember “Show and Tell” ?

Evidence can be interpreted in many different ways as with this pictorial example of a pile of animal bones. Ask yourself, “What circumstances could cause thousands of animals, from the elephant to the mouse, to all die in the same, huge, layered graveyard extending over many miles?” A typical evolutionary answer would be to explain … Read moreDid You Remember “Show and Tell” ?

The Gospel in Creation – Free Book

“Stupendous!” says the New York Times, “Unparalleled!” exclaims the Washington Post, “No words to describe it!” writes the USA Today. Would these be the headlines in newspapers today if reporters could fly above earths atmosphere and witness the original creation of our Earth in those six incredible days? Trillions of trillions of years ago, further … Read moreThe Gospel in Creation – Free Book

Why Mainstream Science Rejects Creation

In 1925 the respected climate expert C. E. P. Brooks, suggested that a slight change of conditions might set off a self-sustaining shift between climate states. Suppose, he said, some random decrease of snow cover in northern latitudes exposed dark ground. Then the ground would absorb more sunlight, which would warm the air, which would … Read moreWhy Mainstream Science Rejects Creation

Noah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 Update

As many race towards being the first to plant their flat on top of Noah’s Ark. The Chinese have zeroed in on the west side of Ararat and believe they have found the famed vessel. An ice cave has been found in this area that resembles the ark. Time and investigation will tell. Meanwhile no … Read moreNoah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 Update