Who Are WE?

Our Mission

We believe the Bible is true and that it reveals history from the war in heaven until the earth is made new. We also believe it reveals a just and fair God who is immensely more involved and loving than the natural heart is capable of seeing.

Our goal is to prepare people for the 2nd coming by setting history straight and showing the loving hand of God in even the most difficult passages of the Bible and the pull back the curtain on this great controversy between good and evil.

Our Core Values

One of the greatest gifts God gives us is freedom. We invite everyone to explore the question of the origins, value and future of the human race without criticism or ridicule.

  • Sola Scriptura - by Bible alone
  • De-evolution: we've been getting dumber, shorter and uglier!
  • Jesus' death on the cross is the most important event in history.
  • All of heaven's resources and attention are focused on this planet.
  • The 2nd Coming of Christ in the clouds is not a secret rapture but a real event soon to take place.