behind the scenes

We have 4 main projects in motion for 2020!

Adam's Time Chart

We have a propriority version of Adam's Time Chart reflecting the themes we focus on. Some of which are: 1. God's power, 2. Forgiving the stupid, the rebellious, the ridiculous and the underserving!

52 Keynote Presentations

These 52 presentations span history from the war in heaven to the the earth made new but are designed to for even the secular crowd!

Bible Studies

God is more loving and powerful those the highest flights of your imagination can reach. We'll continue to explore our favorite themes - a few more are: 3. the relentlessness of God 4. He knows my name!

Bible Commentary

Not every verse and not every chapter, but our Bible Commentary will also support our themes by sweeping through history bringing to life 5. the God of Pink! 6. His lavishness and more!