behind the scenes

We have 4 main projects in motion for 2021!

Adam's Time Chart

We have a proprietary version of Adam's Time Chart that will be published soon! The entire first section has been modified to showcase the amazing pre-Flood world. Fascinating giant plants and animals, savants and prodigies, the powerful forces that took place during the Flood... are only some of the cool changes that you will see!

52 Keynote Presentations

These 52 presentations span history from the war in heaven to the the earth made new but are designed to for even the secular crowd!

Bible Studies

God is more loving and powerful those the highest flights of your imagination can reach. Some topics include the controversy between good and evil, creationism, and the lavishness of God.

Bible Commentary

Not every verse and not every chapter, but our Bible Commentary will also sweep through history to make God and the Bible relevant to us in the 21st century!