Past Posts

July 4, 2022Will God Forgive Even ME??Evolution
February 21, 2021Snooty-toot Dung BeetlesCreation Science
January 3, 2020Gen 1:3 “LET there be light!”Evolution
January 2, 2020Genesis 1:1 – God Wins!Bible
December 20, 2017Last Jedi was the Last Straw For Many FansCreation Science, Evolution, Store item
December 9, 2017Unveiling of The Tree of LifeAnnouncement, Creation Science, Seminars, Store item
April 1, 2008Daredevil Evel Knievel Makes One Last JumpAnnouncement
November 2, 2007Savant Rex Lewis-ClarkScience
August 17, 2007Costa Rican (Megalithic) Stone SpheresAncient Technology, Ooparts
August 17, 2007Giant Grasshoppers & Beetles, oh My!Giants
December 5, 2006World’s Largest (4 tusk) MastodonAnnouncement, Archeology, Creation Science, Evolution, Noahs Ark, Science
November 14, 2006Darwin’s MistakeArcheology, Creation Science, Evolution, Science
September 14, 2006Savants & Prodigies a Glimpse at Early Human Abilities: Part 2Creation Science
September 5, 2006The Gospel In The StarsCreation Science, Evolution, Science
July 19, 2006Giant Human Footprints in Stone?Creation Science, Evolution, Giants, Science, Store item
June 11, 2006When Cattle Doesn’t Mean a CowBible, Creation Science, Evolution
May 3, 2006Instantaneous CreationBible, Creation Science
April 21, 2006Adolfi and Lee on International T.V.Announcement, Seminars, Store item
April 6, 2006“Cy”clops Kitten Moves to Lost World MuseumAnnouncement, Creation Science, Evolution, Science, Store item
February 16, 2006Update: Lost World Museum Launches in 2019Announcement
January 30, 2006Giant Sequoias: A Portal Into Our Ancient PastGiants, Noahs Ark, Science
December 8, 2005Is Noah’s Ark in Iran?Archeology, Noahs Ark, Store item
November 17, 2005Chariots of the gods: Were Aliens our “Daddy”Ancient Technology, Archeology, Creation Science, Evolution, Ooparts, Science, Store item
October 28, 2005Hidden History of the Human RaceAncient Technology, Announcement, Archeology, Creation Science, Evolution, New Product, Ooparts, Science
October 14, 2005Dead Men Do Tell TalesNew Product
October 10, 2005Drool Points To A DesignerCreation Science, Evolution
October 3, 2005The Most Incredible Birth Ever!Giants, Science, Store item
September 29, 2005Conversation Starter – Noah’s Ark Bi-FoldNew Product, Noahs Ark, Store item
September 21, 2005How Strong is a Giant Human?Ancient Technology, Archeology, Giants, Ooparts
September 4, 2005Did You Remember “Show and Tell” ?Archeology, Creation Science
August 4, 2005The Gospel in Creation – Free BookAnnouncement, Bible
June 27, 2005Help find the EvidenceAnnouncement
June 10, 2005Why Mainstream Science Rejects CreationCreation Science, Science
May 31, 2005Noah’s Ark Expeditions – June 2005 UpdateArcheology, Creation Science, Noahs Ark
May 6, 2005Was Man Ever a Half Ape Looking Midget?Archeology, Creation Science, Evolution, Science
April 27, 2005Noah’s Ark: Eyewitnesses & ExpeditionsArcheology, Noahs Ark
April 19, 2005The Eye of The StormCreation Science, Science
March 28, 2005Evolutionist Turncoat… A Freak of Science?Creation Science, Evolution, Science
March 18, 2005Evolution Then & Now by Richard HatchCreation Science, Evolution
February 9, 2005Are Savants And Prodigies A Glimpse At Early Human Abilities?Evolution, Science
January 7, 2005GIANTS Seminar: Coming to a City Near YouGiants, Seminars
December 17, 2004The What If’s – Inside MattersCreation Science, Science
December 12, 2004Baalbek: Bus Sized Stones Moved by the AncientsAncient Technology, Archeology, Ooparts
December 9, 2004Were Adam and Eve Giants?Creation Science, Evolution, Giants
December 2, 2004Greater Hope For Noah’s Ark ExplorationNoahs Ark
November 30, 2004Mysterious Object on AraratNoahs Ark
November 23, 2004Who are the Genesis 6 Giants?Evolution, Giants, New Product, Store item
November 23, 2004Noah’s Ark Found! …or another near miss.Noahs Ark
November 22, 2004Touching Noah’s ArkNoahs Ark
November 22, 2004Exploring for Noah’s Ark – Radio InterviewCreation Science, Noahs Ark
November 12, 2004The London ArtifactAncient Technology, New Product, Ooparts
October 1, 2004Options for Origins: Lucy or Aliens?Ancient Technology, Creation Science, Evolution, Ooparts, Science
September 7, 2004“CSF” Stands for Christian Science FictionCreation Science, Science, Store item
July 21, 2004Treasures of the Lost RacesAncient Technology, Creation Science, Evolution, Giants, New Product, Noahs Ark, Ooparts, Science
July 20, 2004Monkey?…No Monkey!Creation Science, Evolution, New Product
July 13, 2004Dino Egg – Snapshot into Earth’s Historical PastCreation Science, Evolution, Science
July 7, 2004Giant Hog Weed: WARNING Handle with Care…Creation Science, Science
June 13, 2004Monkey? No Monkey!Creation Science, Evolution
May 25, 2004Evidence of God’s Love… A Nosebleed?Creation Science, Science
May 24, 2004How Much Are You Worth?Creation Science