Hidden History of the Human Race

In times past, when a family member just did not fit in, many times they were shut away and never spoken about. What do evolutionists do when one of their offspring becomes wayward?

The book The Hidden History of the Human Race is a 300 page condensed version of author Michael Cremo’s classic 900 page book “Forbidden Archeology” that probes the evidence of evolution and questions it.

A follower of eastern religion, he believes that every 7 million years there is a cycle of birth, life and death of the human race. Since it is cyclical, he believes there should be evidence of modern humans back that far.

And you know what? He presents the proof. Modern human artifacts and high technology found in older stratum that should not be there. Cremo questions the validity of evolution by presenting artifacts and fossils found by evolutionists that challenge their tightly knit theories.

Please understand Cremo is not unbiased looking at the information. He comes to a conclusion differing from the evolutionists, but he has a philosophy to promote of his own. But does it prove his beliefs? Is the evidence even better understood when placed in a creationist’s framework? Or does evolution stand strong? Judge for yourself. In Bibleland’s tradition of presenting the evidence and letting the reader decide for yourself, read away and then ask yourself is it Apes, Aliens or Adam?

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