Were Adam and Eve Giants?

Yes they were. However how do we know or even suspect that this is true?  Let’s begin the beginning when God created Adam and Eve. He fashioned them in His likeness and image.  They were tall, good-looking and extremely intelligent with the capacity to live forever.

The world at that time was nutrient rich and lush (which is why we have such enormous coal beds – formed from the lush, huge plant life before the flood). It was perfect and people were perfect so to speak. After the fall of man, humans began to degenerate in size, intellect and lifespan. This is why we find in the the fossil record giant plants and animals. Lifespan before the flood, the Bible says, was 900+ years. If life on earth was generally larger in size (dragonflies with 29” wingspans) then why could there not be giant humans?

Unfortunately today, plants and animals are much smaller and the average height of a man is 5’10” and woman 5’4″.  Instead of living a millennium  we live to be on average 75-85 years with the upper end of 120.

Therefore, the Nephilim or giants mentioned in Genesis 6 and in several places in the old testament were simply the offspring of our giant parents, Adam and Eve.

Do you want to explore this topic further?  A must read  is Jon Gray’s book  Lost World of Giants and you can grab a copy in our museum’s store.

14 thoughts on “Were Adam and Eve Giants?”

  1. Can you send me to links with archaeological proof or biblical passages for this?

    Some say giants are only the offspring of fallen angels and human women. And they are unsaveable, hence God ordering the annihilation of certain tribes and races in Biblical wars.

    Others say everything lived longer and were bigger like you do, so humans may have too. In that case, not all giants are bad. Only those fallen angel bloodlines and people turned against God are, like the mark of the beast to come.

    1. Read the commentary supplied in the first few chapters in the book Patriarchs and Prophets by Ellen White. I believe she does a pretty good job of explaining it commentary and biblically. Also the book The World of Giants by Jon Gray and Secrets of the Lost Races by Rene Noorbergen does as well. We have the later two in our store.

    2. Your on the correct track brother don’t believe this non sense. The angels sinned and their offspring is the giants. Adam was not a giant. That why the Father wipe out the eart and only Noah’s family was save. It’s all philosophy To them and not scripture wise.

      1. Question then, if the Nephilim were angel/human hybrids, then why did it not get out of control a second time after the flood when the Nephilim show up again. More inner breeding after the fold? Why did God not destroy the human race a second time? Why not huge warnings if angels were attacking the human race physically like this. It was the character of God that was defaced in the tribe of Seth through inner-marriage with the offspring of Cain that lead to the destruction. Not an angel/human issue.

  2. Without fossil evidence of these giants, this is all just fiction.

    Until we discover fossilized evidence of the Nephilim, they will continue to be nothing but fiction.

      1. Homer, I would be interested in seeing what fossil evidence you have. This topic is always interesting!

  3. If you go to WhatIf you can actually see that they took the growth of a newborn infant during it’s first month. Eleven times it’s normal growth rate in life and wondered what would happen if the GD-8 (growth differentiation) gene sequence was cancelled out. The came to the conclusion that by the time the child was ten it would be as tall as a tyrannosaurus, and by the age of twenty he/she would be between eleven to twelve meters tall, about 36 feet.


    I am working on a book on the depth of Genesis real meanings. This will be a BIG help when I discuss Cain going out of the Garden. Thanks for you work!

  5. There’s undisputed evidence that giants ( nephilims) existed in the bible. Genesis chapter 6:4 tells of such along with scriptures found in Numbers 13:33 and Deuteronomy 2:11. Jude 1:6 sheds light to a plausible reason on a cause which was a result of the development of such giants. This encroachment was performed by angels. ANGELS !! A mystery to imply would be the fact the giants continued to exist after the flood. That is through Noah and his son’s,wives and there bloodline. One theory is to suggests it carried through there DNA. Although one could conjecture the matter of the earth being ecologically different therefore enhancing man’s physical characteristics. Althought the earth then possessing a richer oxygen content suggesting this contribute to man living longer no known evidence is sufficient to definitively say this played a role in making himself of abnormal statue. Hence, Adam and Eve plausibly being a giant themselves.

  6. My question is why in the Christian teaching of the First Book Genesis, why was this not mention of taught in church about the Giants in the Bible?

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