Genesis 1:1 – God Wins!

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1. GOD created. Such tremendous comfort. Far above the drama. Far above your problems, your stress, and your failures is God. Sovereign. Powerful. Deliberate. And although we discover in the Bible that God has an enemy and that there was not only war in heaven but that we are actively and the midst of a battle with unseen enemies, we get to see the end of the story. God wins.

The Bible opens in the middle of a story. One that He is writing. Before the Flood, the Ice Age, the pyramids, the cross, the dark ages, World War 1, or CNN, there was God. Creating – with His voice. Speaking worlds and galaxies and the existence as if you or I were just making pancakes. 

He doesn’t need our help. We need His.

We don’t know the vast ages of time before this planet was created. We don’t know how many angels or other created beings there are in the universe. All we know is that way above our troubles is a God with an agenda of perfect beauty and peace that He will succeed at.

The story opened with Him creating the perfect paradise for us. And it ends with the restoration of that beautiful home. He shouldn’t be some afterthought to our schedule or an Add On to our shopping cart. HIS agenda is the only real agenda. Ours is just a detour.

And if we want to join in this story where a perfect God creates a perfect world and restores us to an even more beautiful home, then we need to dwell on all that He is in Genesis 1. 

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