Genesis 1:1 – God Wins!

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1. GOD created. Such tremendous comfort. Far above the drama. Far above your problems, your stress, and your failures is God. Sovereign. Powerful. Deliberate. And although we discover in the Bible that God has an enemy and that there was not only war in […]

When Cattle Doesn’t Mean a Cow

If one looks up the word ‘cattle’ in the Strong’s they will find that many Hebrew words are translated into the English word cattle depending on the context. One word for cattle is miqneh which means acquired livestock. Another word rendered cattle in English is baqar, which is the most likely animal that really is […]

Instantaneous Creation

One person wrote us saying: “How is it that I, a very spiritual person, have no problem with the fact we have evolved over time”? The answer is that not everyone realizes what’s at stake combining evolution with instantaneous creation and although there are a number of important problems that arise from combining them, let’s […]

The Gospel in Creation – Free Book

“Stupendous!” says the New York Times, “Unparalleled!” exclaims the Washington Post, “No words to describe it!” writes the USA Today. Would these be the headlines in newspapers today if reporters could fly above earths atmosphere and witness the original creation of our Earth in those six incredible days? Trillions of trillions of years ago, further […]