Mysterious Object on Ararat

Some of the established Ark explorers are concerned that people who have scant “new” information go running straight to the media instead of contacting the authorities to have their information checked out first. Veterans of Ark Exploration like Elfred Lee or John McIntosh of the 1970’s famed S.E. A.R.C.H. Foundation are both willing and able to help any individual or organization. But as Elfred says, “all they want is the glory for themselves”. Instead Lee gives you the impression that proper Noah’s Ark research is pure. “It’s not about selling your book or DVD or planting your company’s flag on the Ark”, states Lee. “The goal is to seek for the truth wherever it may lead and to report it and document it as objectively as possible.”

Some veteran Ark researchers are already concluding based on the location of the Chinese anomaly (south face), the lower elevation and the description of the site’s object that it’s an ice cave. Obviously there needs to be further investigation. However most Ark explorers will tell you that the most likely location of the Ark, based on the multitude of historical accounts and eye witnesses is above the 14,000 ft. mark on the North/East side in the Ahora Gorge. Mystery solved? You decide!

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