Evidence of God’s Love… A Nosebleed?

“When a blood vessel is cut, the fluid that sustains life begins to leak away. In response, tiny platelets melt, like snowflakes, spin out a gossamer web of fibrinogen. Red blood cells collect in this web, like autos crashing into each other when the road is blocked. Soon the tenuous wall of red cells thickens enough to stanch the flow of blood.

Platelets have a very small margin of error. Any clot that extends beyond the vessel wall and threatens to obstruct the vessel itself will stop the flow of blood through the vessel and perhaps lead to a stroke or coronary thrombosis and possibly death. On the other hand, people whose blood has no ability to clot live short lives: even a tooth extraction may prove fatal. Amazingly the body gauges when a clot is large enough to stop the loss of blood but not so large as to impede the flow within the vessel itself.”  In His Image pgs. 56,57

Have you ever pondered this amazing phenomenon that saves your life probably several times a week? Have you ever taken it for granted that your nose is going to stop bleeding or that bruise on your arm will be repaired? Every moment granted to us is dependent on the relentless efforts of a sophisticated body designed by a compassionate God. Next time you cut yourself stop and think of all the processes mobilized within your body to prevent your blood from spilling. Then bless God because your nosebleed is an evidence of His Love and His willingness to spill His own for you.

C. Adolfi

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