Evolutionist Turncoat… A Freak of Science?

What do you make of a man who has built his entire career on science; teaching evolution at the graduate level for 19 years and then switches sides and becomes a creationist? Would it be the equivalent of Bill Clinton announcing tomorrow that he is a Republican?

Here is the question. Can creationism really be considered a legitimate science? Evolutionists act like little kids who won’t share their sandbox but is there room in academic circles for well thought out intelligent, scientifically based creationist arguments? Evolutionists have repeatedly said “NO!” and academia, in general, feels the same way, but we believe the proof is in the pudding.

Creationists don’t have to be afraid of believing “silly fables”. We’re not trading science for fairy tales. The Video below offers a unique chance to test the soundness of both evolution and creationism through a former evolutionist’s eyes.

A challenge to evolutionists:

Dear Evolutionists: Dr Veith is not some creationist professor that grew up in the church, brain washed by only one point of view; he was one of you at one time. Our challenge to you is to show us where he goes wrong. We believe he does a masterful job showing the superiority of creation science’s explanation of the fossil record and the geological column.

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