Dino Egg – Snapshot into Earth’s Historical Past

Dinosaur Eggs…. wow. Think of it. This was a viable egg – a growing dinosaur fetus, until a catastrophic event froze in time this example of the ancient world.
Fossils are found all over the world. Dinosaurs probably roamed in your back yard! Sometimes we find an isolated track, but many times we see billions of fossils in  mass graves of not only animals but plants, trees, fish. The world is really one large graveyard in stone.
Fossils, like this egg,  provide a stark contrast, when we stop in our busy multi-tasking day and think about what this fossil represents and then compare it to what we see around us today: Life, hope, a new day…it reassures us that life continues on – a new layer on top of the old.

To touch and handle real ancient fossils, visit the Lost World Museum at  Phoenix, NY  Museum

C. Adolfi

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