Giant Grasshoppers & Beetles, oh My!

Well, if you thought giants insects died out with the Flood, you need to visit Costa Rica! After hearing about an opportunity to buy land in Costa Rica in June, I found myself – less than a week later – on my way to CR before I even I knew what time zone they were in. So needless to say, I had no idea that CR is home to some pretty BIG bugs! 

When I discovered giant grasshoppers about 6 inches long, I asked a kid to hunt for any big insects. Soon I had seen giant blue butterflies the size of small plates and giant frogs who left calling cards as big as cat doodoo! 

Anyway, I have very long fingers so my from finger tip to wrist I’m about 6 & ¾ inches. But that grasshopper in the photo was only a small one! The big ones were 10 inches with red wings underneath. Quite startling and cool. 

Then there were the giants of the beetle family – the rhino beetles. I had 3 awesome specimens (dead) in a glass jar to bring home. I declared them and had no problem getting through customs, but I had to go to Aspen for the weekend and when I tried to fly home Monday morning I was in for a big surprise!

It just so happens I was one of the lucky ones to be frisked. Well… when the female security guard jumped back and yelled – causing the other security guards to come running – I thought, oh the poor lady is afraid of my 3-4 inch long beetles and probably doesn’t realize they are dead. That was until she held up the jar and I saw large maggots crawling all over inside the jar! GROSS!

So, my point is that in some areas we still see optimal conditions that allow plants and animals to grow big. My friend from Columbia tells me that in her country the fruits and vegetables get REALLY big, but at least things aren’t as big as before the Flood. I can handle a 10 inch grasshopper but a 7-10 foot long millipede is a little much!

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