Did You Remember “Show and Tell” ?

Evidence can be interpreted in many different ways as with this pile of animal bones. Ask yourself, “What circumstances could cause thousands of animals, from the elephant to the mouse, to all die in the same, huge, layered graveyard extending over many miles?”

A typical evolutionary answer would be to explain it thus: Thirsty animals, in a drought, died near their watering holes 20 million years ago.

The problem is many of these animal species don’t live anywhere near each other coming from completely different climates and habitats. What could bring them altogether in one place?

A more logical explanation is a worldwide flood 4500 years ago that transported and layered the animals by density and size which water naturally does.

Show and Tell is one focus of Bibleland Studios. We want to show our readers the evidence that validates Creation from the book of Genesis with good quality photos and video footage.  So when you come across an interesting artifact or fossil and you want to tell us about it, take a photo and feel free to contact us. Click HERE


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