Monkey? No Monkey!

Sunday June 13th Bibleland Studios pulled up its stakes and went to the zoo. It’s goal was to once and for all see if there were any reason we should not release its next product, the “monkey? no monkey”T-shirt. A team of “monkeyologists” assisted John and Christen to make for certain that the message on the T-shirt was accurate.
Did we really come from a monkey?
Translated: Did we really come from a monkey?

Translated: No, we did not come from a monkey.

The very first thing we did was head straight for the monkey cages. Unfortunately everyone was asleep except the baboons. The Baboons were more interested in our bananas than to cooperate in our experiments. That did not stop us. Repeated attempts to communicate with the monkeys were failures. We then tried to catalogue all the observed similarities between man and monkey. Conclusion: All likeness was superficial and even if a monkey could shave his face, wear a suit and build a bridge…the problem we discovered is the monkey could not build a better bridge the next time.

Friends, did we really observe and conclude all this in one afternoon? No. However we did get some fun pictures and we will be releasing the T-shirt soon. June 30th we will be releasing the shirt and when you receive your Monkey shirt, please send us your clever photos and you may end up in our gallery.

J. Adolfi

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