Help find the Evidence

Show us your odd fossils! Do you know about a human artifact or fossil embedded in coal or stone? We want to document the anomalous that traditional science likes to avoid because it doesn’t nicely fit their worldview.

We are launching a new program called Help Find The Evidence.

For example, if someone unearths a 4000-year-old 11-13 ft. tall human skeleton, the world needs to know. Back in the 1800’s it was as such, many native burial mounds were dug into and many giant skeleton’s were found, documented in the local newspapers and either damaged, stolen or lost. Even worse many have need whisked away to the vaults the Smithsonian never to be seen or acknowledged again.

So therefore Help Us Find the Evidence. You may know someone who has a strange or technologically advanced ancient artifact or a fossil of a human footprint in stone. What ever it is we are interested in it. Together can we solve this ancient mystery. Who knows there may even be a small reward for your artifact.

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